Anvar Adam Varghese

Head, Project Management Office


When a typical project manager from our industry walks into the room, you would know exactly which sites they’ve visited on the day. The clues lie in the paint colours under their fingernails, the wood shavings in their hair, and the type of sand they’ve dragged on to your lovely carpets. But not Anvar.

We are yet to see a more nattily dressed project manager. Spotless jacket , pressed shirt and impeccable shoes. And it’s not because he’s hands-off or doesn’t roll up his sleeves to get his hands dirty. His mantra: you dress to impress – not just clients and colleagues, but yourself. He says it makes him exude confidence, which ultimately rubs off on others.

Anvar is a many faceted gem we’ve unearthed and added to our treasury. An engineer from the highly regarded Birla Institute, among his many specialties is forensics in delay claims – sounds very CSI, doesn’t it? He knows not one thing or two, but the entire library on project planning and management.

With Anvar blows in invaluable project management experience working on large, multinational, multimillion dollar projects involving hundreds of stakeholders. 

And if that wasn’t enough, he is a sports champion and a cycling enthusiast, and has even broken a couple of bones in the pursuit of this happiness.

With Anvar on board, we’re beginning to feel the pleasant breeze of change. Gale force winds won’t be far behind, and we’re ready to watch with popcorn in hand.