Greeshma Kalingal



It’s a fine art – speaking softly and carrying a big stick. But that’s what Greeshma does best.

As one who straddles both worlds – of our customers and our colleagues – she uses her people sensitivity and design sensibilities to understand pain points and to positively influence outcomes.

Her big stick? the ability to quickly translate client needs into brilliant sketches, drawing big smiles from them and our team. Design visualization they call it. We call it making people happy.

Greeshma was a brilliant student, passing her B.Arch and M.Plan with flying colours. After varsity, she was all set to become a serious, blinkered, dyed-in-the-wool architect. And then she joined our team…to discover the joy of empathy, agility, ideation, teamwork and making a difference to customers’ lives.

You’ll find her doodling at the drop of a hat, quickly transforming blank pages into urban sketches filled with people, places and perspectives.

After a long day in the office, while most of us like nothing better than kicking off our shoes and jumping on the nearest sofa, she prefers to produce a perfect curry or two. It’s therapeutic and an art, she claims. Who knew?

Self-taught and self-deprecating, Greeshma’s art, whether sketches, paintings or cuisine, are to die for. Go girl!