Jigar Mewada

Senior 3D Visualiser


When you meet Jigar, you’re likely to think: oh, here’s an intern. His youthful looks belie the rock-solid work experience and amazing artistic bend of mind.

With an apt name that means many good things in Hindi, Persian and Urdu, Jigar is an affectionate friend and a braveheart to the team.

Brief him, and after his customary gallons of coffee, you’re assured of a spectrum of perfect 3D visualisations, perspectives and animations that floor everyone. Focus and working to tight deadlines – he thrives on both. He loves to marry the technical with the creative.

Jigar hones his craft with painstaking research of the latest techniques and tech, professional networking, and the spirit of innovation. He still finds time to guide newbies and show his appreciation of their growing talents.

His sparkling gold earring reflects one of his passions – scintillating DJing skills at events and parties. Snooker and fitness with colleagues, at the office, round off his evenings. The only serious flip-flop in his life: he thinks he is vegetarian…while his colleagues know he is not.