Modoyio Kayina

3D Visualiser


If being stylish every day could be translated into dollars, and now with Social that’s even more real, Modo could be a billionaire.

Not given to long monologues or holding forth, if he asks us quietly about something we’re wearing, which is not often, we instantly take it as a compliment. We know it’s not a lazy question as he recognises the piece’s design value and intrinsic worth.

That inherent sense of style and class also translates into his amazing work. He leaves his personal mark on everything he does.

His 3D perspectives, design presentations and videos tell a story. They make our projects come alive with everything looking real, tangible and built. It’s also down to his deftness with modelling, texturing, lighting, rendering and everything involved with post-production.

For a millennial, he’s amazingly old school – give him a project and his laser-sharp focus and commitment will blow the most cynical baby boomers away. And yet, if you step into his space and ask for help, he’s all heart and will give you unconditional support.

We’ve also been taking advantage of his dashing good looks, and he has quickly become a firm favourite among the team’s ‘models’ for our internal videos and photos.

If he ever decides to become a social media influencer, we’re jumping on that bandwagon as it’s bound to be a gravy train.