Nour Toubia

Senior Designer


You cannot ignore Nour. Ever. She has the crackle, the energy, the laugh, and that purity of spirit that draws you in like an awed cub to the fiery lioness. Nour lights up our workplace with her ideas and designs that tell stories and create meaningful experiences.
Her BA in Interior Architecture taught her that design is change, must be human-centric, and is a strategy to improve how businesses and humans work, think and feel. Her decade-long experience has taught her that design defines human progress.
A life-long learner, she is certified in health facility planning and will be completing her WELL AP credentials soon.
Nour’s design philosophy goes beyond interiors or space and stands true to her lineage. Her line of handmade handbags is named after her late grandmother Nicoletta Parodi, one of the biggest Italian actresses of the 1940s.
One of Nour’s art pieces, made of sustainable material and housed in an iconic building in Dubai, is designed to blow one’s mind. Are you then surprised that she was a finalist for the Young Designer of the Year award in 2017?
Mother to an infant, a senior interior designer, a Social media evangelist, a luxury handbag designer…there’s no denying that our Nour loves life and lives it passionately.
When you’re with Nour, you can always expect enlightenment and more. -ends