Ridhima Pradeep

Head, Costing & Procurement


Pulling together rock-bottom quotes, sometimes within shoestring budgets, while totally uncompromising on our service and standards can be a tough call. Too many variables. But that’s exactly what Ridhima juggles every day, without dropping a single ball.

You’ll be mesmerized if you watch her in action – scolding make-a-quick-buck suppliers, exasperated at some off-the-wall designs from the team, managing multiple customer needs, preparing quotes and presentations – all swirling around her at the same time.

And yet, not a wrinkle on her brow, it’s all smiles and biz as usual. It’s probably got a lot to do with being a civil engineer, working smart rather than hard, and having a ton of experience despite her youth. Growing up in Abu Dhabi with a global perspective has definitely helped. She has earned the respect of her very driven team.

With her strong core, you can be forgiven for missing her joie de vivre. Play a tune and she’s swapped her day-job to be Ms Twinkle Toes. Ask her about any movie or the latest episode of a soap. Food – the eating, not the making of – fires her up. All this, and despite never missing her strict beauty sleep of eight, she also crams in travel and explores a new country every year.

Estimate. Eat. Sleep. Dance. Travel. Sounds simple, right?