Sania Samreen

Marketing Specialist


When someone declares they’re a people’s person, you generally have to suppress a yawn. But if they show you how much they truly care about everyone and everything, without an audience, and make people feel special, well then, you want to do a little jig and sign them on. Especially when they have the requisite skills and experience.

Bubbly. Positive. Patient. A team player, a solution seeker. A quick learner, a born organiser. That’s our Sania. If she sounds like Maria from the Sound of Music, that’s because she is that and much more.

It helps that she has an MBA to underpin her chutzpah, and has experience in marketing, sales and events…and even some as a financial analyst. Go figure.

Within a couple of weeks of joining us, she was carving out a digital space for us and finding solutions to ad hoc marketing problems. She’s a millennial with many interesting insights for the baby boomers in the office.

As you would expect, her interests are varied. She’s a state level hockey star, a mean badminton player, an adventurous traveller, and was a yoga champion growing up. So, how do you keep a wave upon the sand or hold a moonbeam in your hand?