Dr. Santi Maggio Savasta

Director Business Development


Ciao Santi!

Needless to say, Santi is very Italian and has always been in love…mainly with design. Not that one follows the other naturally, but our Michelangelo has been popping our eyes with his out-of-the-world designs and sketches ever since he joined us.

He says he’s been a designer for as long as he can remember, and his entire life has revolved around design in some shape or form. Our modern-day Marco Polo’s passion has taken him across the seven seas – from Italy to Australia, Hong Kong, China and finally to the UAE. (Yes, we’re trying to cram in as many Italianisms as we can.)

He started his journey, of what seems like a million miles, when his student projects on architecture and urban design began to be showcased at biennales and in the media. Winning an international competition in Rome was the cherry on top of the gelato.

Predictably, our over-achiever completed his MArch with 110/110 cum laude, went on to get RIBA and ARB equivalent professional licenses, and became a National Board of Italian Architects’ member. His PhD scholarship in Architecture and Urban Design got him professorial gigs in universities as far flung as China.

In his 20 years of professional life, Santi’s worked as a design director, project manager, managing director, general manager – design, and principal and owner. Varied, right?

Why, he’s even taught CAD design, architectural design and rendering for AutoCad and 3D Studio Max at specialised schools. Ah, those early days.

Like many designers, he’s a professional photographer who’s won a photographic competition about urban decay and urbanisation. Yeah, hot topics even today.

By now, are you even surprised that he loves to sketch, and can render beautiful architectural engravings?

For now, Santi has rolled up his sleeves and is ready for the challenge to usher in our very own Renaissance…in a manner of speaking.