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LocationBranches - Arabian Ranches, Dubai Hills, Serena


A pre-school environment acts as a pacesetter and a foundation of a child’s personality.  This creation was exactly meant to solve this purpose. The space is constructed entirely with playful architecture along with a home like atmosphere set to it to ensure a home away from  home feel.

As the ever inspirational Walt Disney says” if you can dream it, you can do it”

These are the very words that Blossom Nursery tries to imprint into these young minds with big dreams.

Nurturing their curiosities whilst giving them a comfortable feeling under these high ceilings has always been a priority.

The brightly lit hallways have just been perfected to cater the bright little minds and their beaming lights provide a dazzling contrast between the chalk white walls and its wooden attributes.

Furthermore, the wide wooden flooring allows a lot of space for the little ones to indulge in their creative little adventures.