How it all started
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Our Story

Genesis always makes for interesting stories – whether it’s the story of creation or the birth of nations, ideas and entities.

Inner Space’s story is no different. It’s a unique blend of grit, guts and glory.

But above all, it’s a story of friendship and courage that is woven into the fabric and culture of Inner Space even today.

Rewind to 2004. Over lunch on a lazy weekend, three friends discuss the dismal state of affairs in the interiors industry – the lack of expertise, professionalism, customer orientation, quality, even cost consciousness. The seasoned management guru half-jokingly asks: why don’t we start our own, show how it’s done?

The other two – interior design experts with 20 years of experience between them – accept the challenge. Their vision, people philosophy and business ideology take shape on several paper napkins over the course of lunch.

What was inked on those napkins by the three founding fathers form the cornerstone of our firm even today.

Like in all new start-ups, endless sleepless nights and much tenacity in the face of stiff competition became the norm. Months of funding and finding, researching and recruiting, building and bonding, marketing and management, training and talent, have all helped to create a leading interior design house.

It’s been 17 years since that fateful lunch and launch.

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