Anil Varghese

Project Manager


Every organization has one – a #MrNiceGuy. The one who cools tempers, keeps the prize bulls from grunting at each other, always sounds sane and sensible, offers his shoulder and articulates with ease. In our team, that honour goes to Anil.

This empathy extends foremost to how he interacts with our clients, colleagues, partners and projects. He listens patiently and responds with reason. Probably why he has fitted out and build projects for some very cool and impressive brands in his decade-long career.

It also tells you our #MrNiceGuy uses his superpowers to become #MrToughguy to get the best outcomes for our clients during the project management phase.

Nothing is too difficult. He could traverse the length and breadth of the seven Emirates in a single day to manage our projects, and yet there wouldn’t be a crease on his brow. To him, 24-hour days are a serious limitation, and sleep is just another nuisance.

Those in the know are not particularly surprised. He comes with some impressive creds. That’s how well-honed you would be if Bishop Cotton Boys’ School in Bangalore is where you started and an MTech from SRM University in Chennai is where you completed your academics.

As he grows his career with us, we’re all agog to see what more he can be.