Faizal Eledath


The strategist and futurist. The transformer and technocrat. The sharp mind that shoots straight. The sane voice in the insane world of creativity and sensitivity that can be Inner Space sometimes. The third angle of the perfect equilateral, Faizal brings unique and complementary skills to the founding triumvirate that includes Prince and Stanley.

He has the chops too. After leadership and transformational stints as CTO and CIO at regional banks, he decided to join his friends to reshape his life-long passion for entrepreneurship and startups. And his academic records, across engineering, management and business disciplines in India and the U.S., are a tad too long for specifics.

He likes nothing better than waking up at ungodly hours, reading loaded emails or listening to serious productivity podcasts at 4am for fun, jogging at 5am to beat the heat, and munching on a healthy breakfast at 6am.

Faizal needs the energy. His mission is to transform our company and the industry to one that offers cutting–edge solutions in the digital era, catering to constantly evolving customer preferences and the environment. He is acutely aware his vision must remain 20/20, his ears rooted to terra firma, and his arms open wide to embrace change. In short, he must remain agile to take the team with him on the change journey. Some probably kicking and screaming.

He believes an organisation’s genome must have a strong strand of innovation – another passion point backed by an impressive track record. Other strands include purpose and meaning…and to make it truly meaningful, you need to set goals and achieve them.

And if previous experience is anything to go by, Faizal will positively transform not just us, but everything and everyone across our ecosystem and his path, even those at the periphery.