Mohamed Shihab

Head, Accounts & Finance


We believe, growing up, Shihab wasn’t taught the word ‘no’. We exploit this limitation in his vocabulary by parking everything too difficult on his desk, confident it will be done right, and knowing full well that he secretly relishes every challenge.

Shihab’s growth trajectory is a mirror to our own organisational evolution. He joined us in 2020 as a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, 20-something, armed with a B.Com, an MCA, and a few years of work experience.

On day one, Shihab simply rolled his sleeves and got to work. We were to discover that behind his unshakeable honesty and trustworthiness was pure grit. In the next few years, he got a full grip on the business, our financials, accounting, HR, and everything else from the sublime to the ridiculous. You could consult him on traffic fines or missing pets or your upcoming event – he would give you sound advice and jump in to help.

While he continues to climb the corporate ladder, he remains our go-to man. Even today, you will find his name being called out from all corners of the office at the average rate of once every 10 minutes.

He knows every heartbeat of the organisation, all our individual chords, and the drumbeat we collectively march to. And like his name, Shihab will always be our enduring flame.