Head - Design


On a particularly cold morning in Norfolk, Shariz had an epiphany: I’m meant to be a designer! The epiphany soon became a burning ambition. It came at a cost – he had crossed a couple of seas and already spent a tidy fortune on enrolling for a bachelor’s in computing. Never mind. Shariz turned right around and headed back to Colombo to steep himself in everything design – mopping up knowledge and skills and getting a slew of diplomas in the bargain.

Norfolk taught Shariz important lessons: you’ve got to keep learning and transforming; trust your gut, but hone your analytics; and it’s never too late. He brings those sensibilities to managing his rather diverse design team.

Clearly, Shariz loves to learn. He went back to a UK University – this time for Bachelor in Interior Design. What’s more – he is a LEED Green Associate.

In the UK, Shariz not only acquired a Brit accent, but also a dry sense of humour. This can sometimes flummox his colleagues who get the joke only by close of business. Quiet and unassuming, Shariz’s decade-plus with the company has made him the design team’s historian with a great sense of how the different parts tick and move. Which is why his presence on-site during projects makes a real difference.

When away from work, he doesn’t leave design far behind. Woodworking, carpentry and all things DIY are deep-rooted passions, but then so are baking, beach life, fishing, and watching documentaries. A man of many parts.