Sunil Stanly

CO-FOUNDER & Principal Architect


Stanly believes design makes something work. He sees it everywhere – in a broken log you can sit on or in a city street you can dissolve into. It’s an omnipresent objective absent to the naked eye…you feel it, just like you can feel your heartbeat.

He passionately follows the evolution of design; how it can be used to inspire us; how it creates functional, comfortable and productive spaces; how we interact with it every day. He is an ardent advocate of ergonomics, ecology and economy in the entire design cycle – from design development and manufacturing to maintenance and recycling.

Much of his philosophy was shaped during the intense scholarly pursuits and research of his B.Arch days in India. He then baked his craft, in that extraordinary kiln we call experience, for the next 25 years.

Stanly strongly believes collaboration is key to unlocking collective intelligence and creativity in design thinking. It invites fresh and different perspectives for an error-free process and product. He guides and shapes the design team’s perspective, exhorting them to improve with every creative. And if it does not manage to change the world (ha ha), then at least it must inspire those who live and work in the designed space.

He believes fine art (me and self-expression) is distinct from design (us and problem-solving).

Nothing can tear Stanley from thinking design, whether it’s his amazing art – rendered in oils, watercolours, acrylic, charcoal or mixed media – or his love for all things that work well within ‘what and why’ constructs.