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Area: 3,282 sq. ft.

Location: 51 Tower, Business Bay

Scope: Design + Build

Al Aali Investments develop real estate and have business interests in multiple cities internationally.


Design and build luxurious corporate interiors that are reflective of the premium brand and its high net-worth clients, and should have an inviting appeal without boxed-in spaces.

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Our designers adopted primarily neoclassical principles and infused modern sensibilities to create a fusion of style and approach. We used presence-through-absence principles and ensured every aspect of our design and build was centred around creating a luxurious appeal.

Full-height pivoting doors near the entrance give a glimpse of the graceful, inviting and luxury interiors. The design took full advantage of the natural light streaming in and preserved the views without using heavy drapes. Offices and meeting rooms preserve the corporate culture, albeit with a neoclassical feel.

Colour palette: chocolate browns, black and grey, complemented by high-end furniture and art pieces, captured and cemented a classical feel.

Finishes: high-quality wood, parquet, full-height glass walls and doors, marble, moldings, louvred work, warm lights, lush carpets and rugs created a classic, sleek and stylish finish.