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Area: 2,083 sq ft. on two levels

Location: DIFC

Scope: Design + Build

Amundi is the European leader in Asset Management – the largest in Europe by assets under management and ranks in the top 102 globally with six main investment hubs.


the client had a clear vision, specific inputs, and placed an emphasis on employee well-being during our project discovery stage. The space was on two levels, accessed by open stairs from the reception, so the designs and layouts had to be clever to ensure efficiency and privacy.

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A solid industry leader, trustworthy, classy and progressive – these are the traits we sought to evoke with our designs and build.

Level 1

The reception was designed and build to be warm and welcoming, with a charming and compact seating given its size, and greenery to enliven the space. The employee workstations and offices are designed with an amazing view of the outdoors, take full advantage of natural light, and provide maximum storage. A mini pod acts as a getaway from workstations – to make that important call or review numbers.

Level 2

We tucked away the frequently travelling senior executive’s office on level 2, and with a seamless design, we build a well-appointed, rejuvenating private area that includes closets and full bathroom. An adjacent meeting room and a functional foyer allows her, and her guests, direct access, without passing through reception. This also created efficiencies for employees who could minimize the up-and-down between levels.

Colour palette: mainly muted shades of greys, beiges and whites that work together to create a minimalistic colour palette and a classy appeal. In the executive office, it allowed for the perfect showcase of art and memorabilia. Biophilia and plants create pops of colour and greenery throughout the office.

Furniture and fittings: cleverly designed custom-built furniture and fittings, including reception counter, tables, cupboards, partitions and frosted glass doors that fit well together, louvered designs that instantly make the spaces look premium, provide privacy, are uncluttered, and maximise storage and space.