Client: CRYO

Area: 2,196 sq.ft.

Location: Emirates Towers Boulevard

Scope: Build


Cryo Stay Young, with its second branch based in the busy Emirates Towers Boulevard in Dubai, is a global leader in the application of cryotherapy to elevate performance, support recovery, improve health, wellness and beauty.

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Fitout approach: we integrated different strands, including value engineering, the brand’s age-defying ethos and innovative therapies, and the premium location and target audience, in order to emphasise its trustworthiness and create a futuristic ambience.

The treatments rooms were built on minimalistic, functional lines to maximise the feeling of space.

 A large logo in metallic finish, stenciled letters in LED, and a minimal, futuristic-looking reception area instantly attract the attention and footfalls of passersby at the boulevard, a strong retail KPI.

 The build included the tech behind the large plasma screens on the outside and the MEP works inside, including toilets that required significantly challenging core work.

 Colour palette: while it was primarily driven by the design, we fitted the treatment rooms with clever, dual-coloured lighting to mimic the crisp, clean and icy-cold conditions of glacial regions.

 Furniture and finishes: angular, futuristic-looking furniture, partitions, sliding doors, are all custom-built with clean lines. Cool marble-like finishes on both furniture and walls exude luxury, solidity and trust, while being highly cost-effective.