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Area: 18,240 sq.ft

Location: Floor 2, Emaar Square 1

Scope: Design + Build


Deloitte’s new corporate workspaces aimed to house over 175 workstations on one floor. The brief was to design innovative and collaborative spaces, and build it in a vibrant and interesting way. Given the size of the project, it was important to ensure the office wouldn’t look like one, long monotonous workspace.

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we designed open collaboration areas and lounges near the glazed facade to take full advantage of the natural light, and boost employee mood and positivity. We designed and build clever corridors as multifunctional spaces with phonebooths and lockers.

While the overarching concept was centered on collaboration, we designed and created privacy pods and spaces for focused work. Hot desks, meeting rooms, and printer stations are strategically placed for equal access to all users. Dedicated offices were done away with – even the CEO’s office is designed as a meeting space, which other team members can use. An employee wellness area integrated within the office includes a massive billiards table and a café setting.

Colour palette: we stayed true to Deloitte’s corporate identity and brand colours. The space also includes vibrant ambient art.

Materials: we used durable and functional materials – carpets, parquets, fabrics, wood veneers, laminate boards – to stand the wear and tear of a busy workspace.