Area: 7,500 sq.ft

Location: Al Ruwayyah, Dubai, UAE

Scope: Design + Build


DEWA wanted to create a multi-faceted space, spanning four floors, for their employees and visitors. The third floor was earmarked for conversion into a large area where they could hold events.

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The happiness lounge gave us extreme creative freedom to be expressive. Our design solution did complete justice to the name of the space – Happiness Lounge.

 We designed a modern interpretation of the arabesque style. We redefined arches. We included traditional patterns and textures, yet kept a playful appeal. Pivot doors and modular furniture created space flexibility and a sense of expansiveness.

Every fixture of the project was carefully selectedWe proposed a decorative glass pivot door in rose gold finish. The intent was to make the space look spacious, even when closed.

Colour paletteMostly pastel, the focus color was living coral, which was Pantone’s colour of the year in 2019. We created custom-made furniture to match the palette as well as to resolve space constraints.

 Furniture and fixtures: modular and pivoted glass partitions