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Area: 18,500 sq.ft (4 floors)

Location: DEWA Academy Building, Dubai

Scope: Design + Build

DEWA Institute is an educational facility located in its academy building at Al Hudaiba, Dubai.


Being one of the country's leading lights in sustainable innovation, it was important that the space corresponds to the brand's vision. The challenge was to create an educational facility that breaks all traditional notions and functions better for it.

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We created an enabling platform for learning, meeting and exchange of ideas. Collaboration was the key. The look and feel of the space was derived from a nature-inspired palette that would relax and increase connectivity to the outdoors.

Wellness: our design principle. Over the course of the years, academic experts have observed a strong relationship between student wellness and positive academic performance. We believe that a good learning environment needs more than an array of classrooms and corridors in between. We ensured student wellbeing by breaking the monotony. Positioning active zones near classrooms boosted collaborative learning. Using modular furniture in classrooms provided flexibility.

Material palette: As students spend significant time in the institute, we designed and build a comfortable ‘home away from home’ style. Splashes of colours and biophilic elements bring life and dynamism into the space. All surfaces are easy to clean – for example, corridor walls are adorned with vinyl graphics. We used carpet in closed spaces to reduce the impact of sound.

Pantry and dining hall decor: We created an open, cool area where students can relax and rejuvenate. We used orange to represents energy and wainscoting on the wall to bring home the ‘homely’ feel. The open area included significant amounts of greenery. We used ceramic tiles on the floor with a parquet-like look for easy maintenance.