Office interior design

Area: 13,358,124 sq.ft.

Location: Al Quoz, Dubai

Scope: Design + Build


The new Middle East Fuji Main Branch Office located in Al Quoz, Dubai aims to combine the many separate functions and departments of the organization under one banner and one building. The same principle holds ground when it came to the interior spatial planning where the many departments were arranged to come together to work in a more efficient manner.

Discover | Design | Deliver

Discover | Design | Deliver: The design talks about a subtle elegance in simplicity accentuated with the use of warm wood colours and accent colours to integrate a global face of the company. The idea was to make a canvas with background colours on which the people and furniture will add colour and life to complete an art piece.

There are an appreciation and awareness of user needs. Spatially the layout forms two sides of the coin as we have tried to keep strictly private and public controlled zoning due to the warehouse and office usage of the building within the same site. We exploited this constraint by keeping a completely different theme for both areas. The executive zone focused on being quieter, warm and inviting ambience where visitors could be welcomed, important meetings and discussions happen.

The workspace of the office took an all different angle to behave like one central workforce and the open ceiling area, exploiting the vastness of space. This pulls the staff out of the typical cubicle seating approach. We planned the workspaces to be overlooked by meeting spaces, managers, dining and breakout spaces, housing the celebrations and fun. This arrangement called for the optimum connectivity and collaboration improving efficiency in work. Further, a radical approach was taken to provide staff with gaming chairs instead of standard task chairs that provided a comfortable sitting posture.

The cumulative design approach allowed to bring to Fuji Middleeast a comfortable and productive office work environment for the wellness of the team.