Area: 12,163,320 sq.ft.

Location: Dubai

Scope: Design + Build


Rakha Al Khaleej International (RAI) is a global polymer distribution and chemical trading company headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. The client wanted a Fusion of Modern contemporary design and traditional Arabic details reflecting the deeper cultural roots of the founders.

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Discover | Design | Deliver: The interior design brief for the HQ of RAI International requested a contemporary design with a pinch of Arabic details. The fragmented form of the building was a challenge for interior design planning. The entire building is dived into two zones, executive staff zone and senior management zone. The interior layout utilized the natural sunlight around the perimeter of the building. Use of light-coloured materials like oak wood and satuario marble helps the interior to give bounced ambient light. Rounded corner is a continuing theme throughout the design detailing. A vertical garden spanning two floors is used as a connecting element which wraps the vertical circulation. The upper floor accommodates the spacious dining area which also acts as a collaborative area. The use of Arabic embellishments on the wooden Joinery adds a rich cultural edge to the overall design. The passionate selection of furniture, fabrics and finishes compliments the interior design scheme and makes the spatial experience a memorable and enhance the brand value.
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