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Area: 4,770 sq.ft

Location: Gate Village 10, DIFC, Dubai

Scope: Design + Build

Stanton & Partners Aviation is a private company built on a heritage of peerless trust and industry expertise, offering exemplary standards in ethical and professional services in the private jets market for discerning clients.


The spatial experience had to be rooted in the organisational values and principles. It had to offer the ultimate luxury experience, while maintaining a corporate feel.

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We painstakingly audited every brand element to gauge its role in the visual language and how it aesthetically reflects Stanton & Partners’ values of trust, authority and refinement, while incorporating the sense of intelligent innovation. Our design found the right balance between these two unique spatial qualities – luxury and corporate. Our answer lay in mid-century modern – a décor style that is sleek, cool, clean, sophisticated and functional at the same time.


We studied visitor experience sequences and identified the lower level as suitable for the trade area and the aircraft meeting room in the upper level. Our designers brainstormed the aircraft meeting room as an exclusive spatial experience for Stanton’s high networth clients. The meeting room is the recreation of the fuselage of luxury private jet Gulfstream G650. The ceiling is adorned with galaxy lighting and wall with an interactive TV. A bar counter and seating similar to an aircraft added to the luxurious feel. We developed the adjacent terrace as the perfect outdoor lounge.

Materials: uncluttered and sleek lines with both organic and geometric forms; minimal ornamentation; traditional and non-traditional materials; juxtaposition of different, and sometimes contrasting materials

Colour Palette: Primarily cool and monochromatic. Adding solid wood, pure leather and brown Emperador marble accentuated the feel. The Reception floor is laid with Statuario marble which extends to the wall. The stainless steel logo and an exquisite pendant light adds to the look. We used molding design in a modern way to reflect the mid-century style.

Furniture: An eclectic mix of local and international brands elevate the whole spatial experience.