Interior design company

Area: 53,820sq.ft.

Location: DIFC, Dubai

Scope: Design + Build


The World Bank group offices is located in the west wing gate building in DIFC, an ideal location for the world’s largest development institution. World Bank was expanding and they chose to partner with Inner Space to design and deliver the best interior solution, one that would be a perfect fit for them.

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The major challenge was locating two different business units – IBRD and IFC – under one roof, while sustaining their individual cultures. We designed each zone keeping this in mind.

World Bank was keen to portray the strength and power of their brand. To do this, we chose black as the primary colour of focus and we chose furniture in line with this strong brand image.

A well-designed reception, lounge, focus spaces, a conference room and diverse seating for informal meetings made up the corporate office. Overall, we delivered an elegant and a welcoming workspace where employees would feel pride, enjoy team spirit, and were creative and productive.